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Pictures of children sitting on chairs, looking into the camera and being asked to smile remind me of the caged tigers you see in a zoo. The pictures can be good, they have a place, but they usually don’t show the personality of the child.

That’s why I came up with Candid Kids.

If I’m photographing children-only, I’ll photograph them outside, or even in your home; those are places where they feel very comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about an uncooperative kid, or grumpy expressions because they’re being exactly how you know them to be.

So, let them jump on their beds, have a water fight, play hide-and-seek in a tent made from blankets and sheets. Candid kids are happy kids, and these are pictures you will love and will cherish forever!

Interested in a Candid Kids Photography Session?

Thanks! Message sent.

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