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Spectrum Photography has been a part of the community since 1998; in fact, this is the longest-serving, full-time photography business in Howard County.


When you go to the trouble to hire a photographer for an important event, you want pictures that you’ll want to treasure. I will give you pictures that stir your emotions – pictures that will bring you tears of joy and provide special memories that will last a lifetime.


Spectrum's Owner & Chief Photographer sharing a wonderful moment with his son.




Carrie Lupini >

"Curt Alexander at Spectrum photography did an amazing job! He came to our house during a heavy snow to get just the perfect conditions for the type of photos we wanted. He went all over outside in the freezing cold and windy conditions setting up beautiful backgrounds for Svetlana’s senior pictures. The results were so beautiful! Thank you so much, Curt, and I’m so thankful you didn’t catch pneumonia! You really captured our Siberian princess’ beauty."

Carrie Lupini
Amanda Beckom >

“I’m sure we will work together again, you ARE my photographer always!  Memories are precious, I wouldn’t trust mine with anyone but the best!”

Amanda Beckom
Stephen Roger Kitts >

“Those shots are AWESOME!  Thank you so much! I am glad we chose you as our photographer.”

Stephen Roger Kitts
Brent & Courtney >

“Brent and I were beyond impressed with the pictures! You did an amazing job and I relived the night looking through them. Thank you so much!!! We truly appreciate it and definitely have a few we would like to order.”

Brent & Courtney
Kim Tracy >

“Fantastic, Curt; you did an excellent job. Thank you so very, very much!”

Kim Tracy
Melissa Snook >

"Curt, as you may have heard by now through mutual friends, my husband passed unexpectedly of a heart attack Monday. I am reaching out to you because the family photo that you took of us is so priceless now. It will be proudly displayed at his viewing. THANK you for providing me with this amazing keepsake!! I hope this encourages you to know how your craft does touch lives. It was our final family portrait of such high quality. It is invaluable. I hope you can use this story to encourage others to be willing to spend the money because these moments are, in the end, worth 100 times more!"

Kim Tracy
Melissa Snook
LIS_1042 16x20, 4 5x7, 3 4x6_edited.jpg
Tony White >

"Thanks Curt, truly appreciate all the memories you have provided us. Our kids will soon realize that all the moments captured in pictures will be all we have as we get older."

Kim Tracy
Tony White

From Father of the first Kokomo High School men's swimmer in 10 years to reach the Indiana State Finals

Thank you very much for the great work done and for the effort you made to turn these wedding photos into art, we hope to continue collaborating together in future events. We love our photos ❤ thank you for everything!!!

Chris & Gabby

I knew you had some magic in you. It looks marvelous!

I will be sure to pass your name along to others.

Melissa Hill

LOVE the pics thanks again so much for helping us capture memories from our Special Day

Brittany Smith

We just got the photos. They are beautiful! Thank you for taking the time out of your holiday to take the pictures.

Jody McIntire


Spectrum Photography would like to be your go to photographer for life's special moments. If you have any questions, concerns, or would just like to say hello...feel free to do so here!

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